Are Calphalon Pans Oven Safe?

Are you shopping for new cookware? Luckily, there are many options to choose from, but this can be a little confusing when you’re trying to make a purchase decision. Calphalon cookware is quite popular because it’s easy to use and clean. However, you’re probably asking yourself: are Calphalon pans oven-safe? Will using your cookware in … Read more

Difference Between Burger and Sandwich

burger on a wooden board

What is the difference between a burger and a sandwich? Sandwiches and burgers are two of the most popular foods all around the world. They’re both versatile and delicious meals that are essential in every cuisine. You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re having a heated argument about whether sandwiches and burgers are the … Read more

A Complete List of Fruits That Are Not Round

fruit that isn't round

Can you think of a fruit that isn’t round? The first one that’ll come to your mind is probably bananas. But what else? Even if you strain your mind and concentrate, you’ll probably only come up with five or six fruits. That’s because most fruits around us daily are round, such as peaches, berries, oranges, … Read more

Bisquick vs Self Rising Flour — A Full Guide

eggs and flour

If you often get confused between Bisquick and self rising flour, then this article is for you. In today’s guide, we’re sharing a full Bisquick vs self rising flour comparison to help you figure out how to incorporate each product in your baking activities. What Is Bisquick? Created by Betty Crocker, the popular General Mills … Read more

How Many Amps Does a Mini Fridge Pull?

kitchen counter setup

Mini fridges are a convenient way to store food and beverages in a limited space. You can have them in your bedroom, office, or even garage. To figure out the best electrical configuration for your circuit, you should be aware of some measurements like the wattage, voltage, and amperage of your mini-fridge. So, how many … Read more

Can I Microwave Cup Noodles?

Cup Noodles

Cup noodles are a beloved after-school snack, college dorm staple, and budget-friendly, tummy-filling addition to any pantry. Many people peel back that paper lid then stream water in from the tap. Then they simply pop in the microwave without a second thought. Easy-peasy. Recently more people than ever want the answer to the question: can … Read more

The Difference Between Salami and Pepperoni


You find both the salted cured meats pepperoni and salami on many Italian subs, pizzas, in calzone and Stromboli. If you buy them in a deli, you can either purchase a log-shaped encased meat or have the product sliced. That’s where the similarities end. Read on to learn the difference between salami and pepperoni. Types … Read more

Coriander vs. Cumin: What Are The Key Differences?

Spice display with coriander and cumin

Coriander vs. Cumin; although people often confuse the two, cumin and coriander are very different. These flavor-enhancing ingredients grow on different plants, and they taste quite different. Read on to learn more about the key differences between coriander and cumin. What Is Cumin? Cumin is a spice harvested from the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum … Read more

How Long Does It Take for a Fridge to Get Cold?


Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. You demand cold temperatures, so your food doesn’t spoil. Whether you buy a new or used fridge, there’s a set time to wait before it gets cold. There’s no such thing as a “plug and play” refrigerator. No matter what, refrigerators will take … Read more

Chorizo vs. Longaniza: The Main Differences

Meat stand with chorizo and longaniza

Can’t decide between or differentiate chorizo vs. longaniza? Let’s compare them both. These are two spicy sausages, made primarily with pork and bacon. Both belong to Spanish Cuisine, but the tastes are different. Chorizo tastes more like smoked paprika, while longaniza tastes more like black pepper and other spices. Spanish chorizo tastes different from a … Read more