How Many Amps Does a Mini Fridge Pull?

Mini fridges are a convenient way to store food and beverages in a limited space. You can have them in your bedroom, office, or even garage.

To figure out the best electrical configuration for your circuit, you should be aware of some measurements like the wattage, voltage, and amperage of your mini-fridge. So, how many amps does a mini fridge pull? Let’s find out.

Mini fridges, also known as compact refrigerators, don’t come in one size. Most mini fridges fall between 1.7 cubic feet to 4.4 cubic feet. It means that the number of amperes they draw can be anywhere from 0.2 amps to 7 amps.

A decisive factor in how many amps your refrigerator pulls is its wattage. Wattage consumption will generally depend on the size and technology of the mini-fridge.

If your mini-fridge is new, compact, or has an Energy Star rating, this means that the overall electrical consumption will be low; it won’t draw many amperes.

Likewise, if your mini-fridge is larger than average, outdated, or lacks an Energy Star rating, you’ll find that it draws significantly more amps.

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How to Find Out How Many Amps Your Mini Fridge Pulls

The easiest way to find how many amps your mini-fridge pulls is to look inside the fridge itself. You should see a sticker with all the technical specifications written on it. 

You can also calculate the number of amperes your mini-fridge pulls by using a simple formula. Ampere = Watts / Voltage.

Most electrical appliances run on 120 volts in the United States, and the wattage and power supply voltage can be easily found on the sticker inside your mini-fridge. Once you know the wattage, you can calculate the number of amperes.

Another way is to look up your mini fridge’s specifications on the internet. You can find the exact information on the manufacturer’s website or even reach out to their customer support if you can’t find it.

Let’s Put That Into Practice

If we look at the AstroAI mini-fridge, we’ll find that it runs on a 110-volt power supply and consumes 40 watts on Cool Mode, and 32 watts on Warm Mode. It means that our mini-fridge here draws from 0.29 to 0.36 amperes.

Other less portable mini fridges could run on up to 250 watts, especially if they’re older models. It means that they’ll draw up to 2 amperes or more. If you’re in a college dorm or hostel, make sure you check in with their regulations first, as most policies allow a maximum of 2 amperes per electrical device.

In Conclusion

As it turns out, it’s pretty evident mini-fridges draw a lot fewer amperes than full-sized fridges. However, we can’t accurately estimate how much a fridge draws due to several factors.
A simple formula can help you accurately figure out how many amps does a mini-fridge pull. That said, you can put your mind to ease and buy a mini-fridge with an Energy Star-certified badge.