Can You Use Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

Ever since I got one for the holidays last year, I have been wondering if you can use parchment paper in an air fryer? Ours is a multi-function device, but it sees the most activity as an air fryer.

My guess is that you or someone you know has one of these devices in their kitchen or stowed away in the pantry. Their convenience is unmatched. This is because the appliance is typically smaller than microwaves. Also, the speed at which they cook food is incredibly fast. If you do not yet have one, this article is going to highlight one more reason why you should!

There is one important aspect that needs to be considered when using parchment in your air fryer: the air! These are small convection ovens that use superheated air flowing rapidly around your food to cook. Meaning that the regular parchment paper you are familiar with from cooking in a traditional oven is not suitable.

Air Fryer

Convection History

Air fryers are miniaturized convection ovens that can be easily kept on the countertop of a kitchen or restaurant. Although this technology dates back to the 20th century, the commercial products that are popular today have only been introduced to markets over the last ten years.

Basically, air fryers mimic the process of deep-frying without all the mess. They do this by passing extremely hot air around your food sprayed with cooking oil. Luckily there are many types of oil spray available to suit your food and taste preferences. You can use an oil spritzer like the one below with your preferred oil in it.

This oil is why using parchment paper is beneficial. It collects whatever liquid might run off of your food and collect inside the unit. It makes for easy cleanup afterwards too, just toss out the old sheet and eat.

Feeling Parched

Parchment paper makes for fantastic vegetables prepared in the air fryer. But remember that you need to have holes in it, so the convection process occurs properly.

If you can not find the right kind at the store (machine-produced parchment paper for air fryers), you can manufacture your own in a pinch. Buy a regular roll. Get yourself a hole puncher to perforate a sheet evenly across the area to allow for air to move around the food you are cooking.

Dense, starchy foods like potatoes are always setting back mealtime. Using an air fryer, they will be ready in short order and plated with all the other foods you have made for dinner. Reheating cold pizza is also a breeze and the crust doesn’t get soggy like it can in the microwave. The circulating air helps foods retain their crispness.

The Final Words on Parchment

So that is the verdict, whenever someone asks “Can you use parchment paper in an air fryer?” you can pass them this article to settle the debate. This is such a simple and wonderful mechanism. Just put your food in, then out it comes a few minutes later thoroughly heated. Ready to eat.

Just remember to use the proper type of parchment paper when air frying. It needs to have holes in it to maximize airflow within the unit. You can even make your own if the stores near you are out or do not stock the product.

Of course, acquiring it online via delivery is also an option when you can plan ahead, but you know how it is when the family gets a taste for something on a specific night. Keep the parchment paper handy for evening air frying and make it as simple to cook as it is to clean up.