How to Freeze Tortillas the Right Way

It’s understandable why we purchase such large amounts of tortillas: They work well with almost all food types, from wraps to dips, and from sour to sweet. So if you were wondering how to freeze tortillas the right way, read on!

Tortillas are among the most versatile pantry staples we have in our kitchens.  They can also be incorporated into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. They do however go bad within a few days, and it shows in their taste and texture. And if we try to pop them in the freezer, they just stick together in one unusable stack. Fortunately, we know the answer to that.

How to Freeze Flour Tortillas in 5 Easy Steps

It doesn’t really get any simpler than this. The steps work perfectly for flour tortillas. But if you have corn tortillas, or raw homemade tortillas, you can still follow the same procedure.

Step 1: Get Good Quality Tortillas

Anything that goes into your freezer should be in mint condition. If it’s half stale as it goes in, it would be quite dubious when it comes out. Freezing only delays the progress of molding, it wouldn’t eliminate it. It’s wise then to only store the best stuff for your food’s safety.

Also, take a good look at the texture of the tortillas. Chipped or broken ones would have a harder time surviving the commotion that comes with stacking things in the freezer. So purchase the stronger types.

Step 2: Prepare Some Wax paper

Wax paper is the secret ingredient in this operation. It’s what would keep the tortillas from sticking to one another, and also it would absorb the extra humidity caused by freezing.

Get a good roll of food-grade wax paper. Then cut out enough sheets to separate the tortillas. Make sure that their size covers the whole surface of the tortillas, including the outer parts.

Tortillas including the ingredients used to make themStep 3: Stack the Tortillas and Wax Paper

Clean up your counter and place a wax paper at the bottom of the stack. Layer the tortillas and place waxed paper in between. This might take a bit of time if you purchased a large amount of tortillas, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Step 4: Divide the Stacks According to Your Usage

If you put a large stack in one freezer bag, then you’d have to defrost the whole thing, even if you just need a few.

It’s wise then to divide the stacked tortillas according to your general usage. Placing five in each freezer bag is the typical choice.

Step 5: Place The Tortillas carefully in the Freezer

Tortillas are fragile things, and when they’re frozen, they become more so. Try to place them in the freezer where they wouldn’t be crushed by the other foods. Also, don’t place them at the bottom. That’s where they get the hardest time.

An accessible spot at the top should be good.

How to Defrost Tortillas

Freezing tortillas properly is only half the process. The other half is defrosting them correctly, so you would get fresh, healthy, and happy tortillas on your table.

Here are the main methods you can use for best results:

Thawing in the Fridge

The best way to restore frozen tortillas is by letting them thaw slowly in the fridge. This process would take a day or two.

Tortillas often come out retaining much of their texture and taste.

Thawing at Room Temperature

You might be in a bit of a rush, so you can speed up the process a little by leaving the frozen tortilla bag out on the counter.

Within a few hours the stack would be as good as new.

Heat Them Stovetop in a Skillet

Heating a pan on a gas stove to be used as a way to defrost tortillas

A few hours can sometimes be too long, for example, when your friends drop by.

You can certainly manage that too. Use low heat and flip the tortillas carefully to avoid overcooking them.

This method is quick, and it keeps the tortillas from becoming soggy.

Defrosting in the Microwave

This needs a bit of a skill to defrost the tortillas without them getting soggy or rubbery.

Select the ‘Defrost’ option, use a low power setting, and 20-second bursts. Stop once they start to loosen up.

Heating Up in the Oven

Using the oven at a low heat setting is a good option, but only if you like the tortillas a bit more crunchy.

Actually, some people enjoy that texture, and they incorporate it in their dish of the day.

In Conclusion

That was the ultimate guide on how to freeze tortillas. In addition, you also have all the possible methods to defrost them. The trick is to keep them as fresh and tasty when they come out of the freezer, just as they went in.