Best Wusthof Honing Steels

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Once you get in the flow of cooking, you don’t snap out of it until you’ve finalized your plate; only then do you step back and view your creation with proud eyes. This is why it feels frustrating when your knives linger too long in the food before cutting it; what an interruption to the flow that can be!

As it turns out, honing your blades is just as important as honing your cooking skills—and what better brand to go to for honing steels than Wusthof! Among the different options this brand offers, we’ve pulled together the best Wusthof honing steels on the market. Let’s take a look!

5 Best Wusthof Honing Steels in 2021

Honing rods can be made using different materials, including stainless steel and ceramic. They also have a wide range of features to fit different purposes and preferences.

Here are the best honing steels Wusthof has to offer!

1. Wusthof 10” Honing Steel, Brushed Stainless

This honing steel will instantly sweep you off your feet with its brushed stainless steel look. Beyond the outer look, the core has something to offer as well; it’s cut out of high carbon stainless steel, making the honing rod effective and precise.

In order for you to use a honing rod, it has to be longer than the knife you’re using it on. This won’t be a concern with this honing rod, as it’s 10-inches long and can be used to hone most household knives.

Considering the length and the steel material, 0.62 pounds of weight isn’t much. Such a light honing steel can be used to hone knives, cutters, or even scissors without hurting yourself.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • 10-inches long
  • Nice brushed stainless steel look


  • Brushed steel is susceptible to corrosion
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2. Wusthof 10″ Deluxe Steel

Many honing rods are so hard that they eat away at knives in the process of honing them. Sure, this can be a good thing if you want to sharpen the knife a little while honing it. However, if you want a rod that specializes in strictly re-aligning the fine edge of your knife, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

The Wusthof deluxe steel can be used to hone the knife before each cutting session without affecting the knife’s structural integrity. This would be too frequent if you were to use another honing steel that grinds down the metal of your knife.

Turning our attention to the material, carbon steel wasn’t enough for this honing rod: it’s made of steel alloy. What’s the difference? The alloy has more constituting elements than just carbon, giving it additional properties, which include high strength.

Combined with the tough handle, the strength of this steel-alloy rod will help you get on

top of any cutting task. With the hanging ring at the end of the handle, you’ll be able to keep this tool at hand for whenever it’s in demand.


  • Ridged surface
  • High-strength steel-alloy
  • Hones without sharpening
  • Can be used frequently


  • Not ideal for those who want to sharpen as they hone
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3. Wusthof Classic Honing Steel

I don’t know about you, but I hear the word “classic” and I sit up expecting something good. This classic Wusthof honing steel proves I’m right.

The handle of this honing steel is designed with contours matching the palm of your hand, fitting into your grip the same way a key fits into its lock.

For knives to be effective, cutting angle and sharpness are the dynamic duo that can’t be separated. Keeping that in mind, Wusthof classic honing steel is laser-tested for providing your knife with the perfect sharpness and just about the right cutting angle.

What helps give this honing rod such properties is the German high-carbon stainless steel. It also features a partial bolster that keeps your hand safe so you can run the knife up and down the steel without worrying.


  • Delivers remarkable sharpening
  • Comfortable grip
  • Bolster ensures both safety and control


  • The steel may not be connected to the handle strong enough
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4. Wusthof 10″ Ceramic Steel

You can think of this honing rod as a two-in-one product; not only does it hone the knife by re-aligning the edge, but it also sharpens it.

This may be a downside for those who sharpen their knives periodically and only need something that hones. For other folks who want to sharpen their knives less often, however, they can definitely use a honing rod that gets some sharpening work done in the process.

What makes this honing rod a perfect sharpener is the tough ceramic material. In fact, it isn’t just any ceramic material; it’s made of alumina ceramic. For this kind of ceramic, mechanical friction is routine. Unlike honing rods that have a diamond coating, this rod will never wear down.

Wusthof ceramic steel is also resistant to rusting, dulling, and corrosion. To use it, run your knife up the shaft of the rod, from the heel to the tip, at a 20-degree angle. This is made easy by the polymer handle that provides a comfortable, secure grip.


  • Tough alumina ceramic material
  • Sharpens and hones
  • Easy to use
  • Secure grip


  • Not ideal if you want a rod that only hones
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5. Wusthof Honing, One Size, Black, Steel

The features of this honing rod are centered around convenience more than anything else. For starters, it’s made of magnetic steel. This allows it to attract all metal fibers that come off the knife as you hone it, sparing you the hassle of cleaning after the honing process.

Second, this honing rod has a composite grip designed for comfort and a reasonably-sized bolster for safety. The rod also features grooves that maximize the ease of use. Combine these grooves with a durable material that never dulls, and you get one effective honing rod!

The durability extends further than resistance to dulling, including resistance to corrosion and rusting. Like many Wusthof honing knives, this one carries a lifetime warranty.


  • Magnetic steel keeps metal fibers from making a mess
  • Resistant to dulling, rusting, and corrosion
  • Safe and comfortable grip


  • Doesn’t feature a hanging loop
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Final Words

Dull knives are like speed bumps keeping your cooking from flowing smoothly and seamlessly. That’s why honing steels are the best way to ensure both precision and effectiveness. Unlike sharpening, honing doesn’t make the knife lose much steel, thereby you can hone your knives frequently. Luckily, there’s a go-to when it comes to honing steels: Wusthof. Among the outstanding honing steels this company produces, the 5 above-reviewed products are the cream of the crop. One of them will surely suffice!